Night Charters

Catch Giant Trevallys & Flying Fish!

GT Fishing Charters

Night fishing charters would have to be our most loved charter. Never short of action, one is always on the lookout for flying fish, at the ready to scoop up with their butterfly style nets. At the same time, we’re pulling lures for some of the besting fighting fish in the ocean. Catch and release only, we target monster GT’s who can put even the most experienced angler through a solid workout. Add in the moon, the stars and the whole adventure of being on the water at night, it makes for an unforgettable experience.

If your main target fish is the Gaint Trevally. Then this is the charter for you. Although there are never any gurantees in fishing, this comes closest to it. Night fishing success rate for catching GT's is very high and many times better that during the day.

Giant Trevally Fishing Charters

Flying Fish!

Yes, fish can fly!! Well they can glide and are not limited to short jumps. Flying fish or "maroro" as they are locally known, can fly up to 300m.

A local delicacy, maroro is served up at the markets most mornings accompanied by arrowroot & coconut cream. They are also indespensible fishing lures. Trolled as deadbait, flying fish are the number one lure for Wahoo, Mahimahi & Marlin. Some days they just won't bite anything else.

GT's and Flying Fish