Rates & Bookings

Bookings can be made via email or phone enquiries. Contact us and we can see what days we have available around your chosen dates.

Half day private charter goes for up to 5hrs and costs NZ$500 for 1-3 persons, plus $100 for every additional person thereafter, max 6 adults.

Fish are shared where each angler gets about a kilo or two of fillet. Same as all charters here.

Booking Policy

We currently do not have any deposits required. Just full cash payment before boarding the boat.

Multible charter rates negotiable

Cancellation Policy

If you intend to cancel please let me know as soon as possible so I might be able to fill that spot with other interested anglers.

Other Information

Transfers : We do not do transfers but there are options of bus, taxi or rental vehicles.

Fishing start/end times are up to you, contact us for advice