GT fishing cook islands

Night Fishing

Catch GT’s & Flying fish! Loads of fun on this unique fishing experience!... MORE.

Game Fishing Rarotonga Cook Islands

Game Fishing

Game fishing Rarotonga, starts as early or as late as you want with our private charters. We mostly target wahoo, mahimahi & tuna. ... MORE.

Fishing Rarotonga

Bottom Fishing

Deep drops of 300 - 500m with our electric reels targetting delicious snappers & cods. Or catch & release shallower reef species. MORE.

Spearfishing Rarotonga


Two full sets of bluewater spearguns, floats, bungy, line & weights. Let us take you into the blue! MORE.

What can we do?

Cast poppers & stickbaits up the reef for various trevallys or catch with bait (catch & release). Bottom fish for a huge range of fish species, bait or jigs (catch & release). Deep bottom fishing for snappers & cods. Troll for mahimahi, wahoo or tuna. Bait fishing for Tuna. Snorkel the reef or shipwreck. Go Whale watching. Catch flying fish at night. GT's day or night. - Your Charter, Your Choice!

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Game fishing Rarotonga

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